Feb 6, 2015

R.I.P. Golden Tea House

This is the old Golden Tea House. They say the ghost of Perry Shall still roams the halls, that you can still hear the whine of singer/songwriter Alex G in each squeak of the floorboards. It's an empty vessel, a fine structure devoid of life, but it wasn't always this way. This house was once a monument to the DIY scene of Philadelphia. It was home to countless bands and humans of all ages, colors, and creeds for a fleeting moment, but in that moment the whole experience was so big and so beautiful that it became everything. It was a house that hadn't booked a good show since Mean Jeans played 3 years ago, when (some of us) were still young enough to think Mean Jeans was cool. It was a house that was often barely worth peering into even if you trespassed through the shitty makeshift wall atop the mud-hill in the backyard on which everyone would urinate. It was a house that was, at times, impossible to stomach if you still had a pulse. By a large margin, I've seen more people reading books at Golden Tea House shows than at any other venue, and I think that speaks volumes on the level of interest held here. I'd rather be in Meryton.


Jan 7, 2015

The Wonder Himself Wondered Himself To Death Mix Series Volume #1: The Best Song From Every CD In The Dashboard Console Of My Gray 2001 Nissan Altima

The Best Song From Every CD In The Dashboard Console Of My Gray 2001 Nissan Altima

1. Andrew W.K. - Party Hard
2. The Muffs - Every Single Thing
3. The Siddeleys - You Get What You Deserve
4. Os Mutantes - Panis et Circenses
5. The Maytals - Just Tell Me
6. The Riptides - Rules Of Love
7. Eater - Anne
8. Nips - I Don't Want Nobody To Love
9. Forgotten Rebels - Memory Lane
10. The Gizmos - Johnny Got A Gun
11. Suburban Lawns - Janitor
12. Ira! - NĂșcleo Base
13. The Poppees - Tender Love
14. The Scruffs - She Say Yea
15. The Smirks - The Devil Inside


It's finally here: the meticulously curated mix of songs from all of the CDs in the dashboard console of my car. The nostalgia is palpable; it's inescapable. If you've been in my car, you know. These are the songs that defined a generation generations before I was even born. Or maybe not, I don't know. What I do know is I've been on a LOT of dates and girls come for the car, but they STAY for the CDs. Out now on KillPerry Records.

Artwork by the talented and mysterious and terrifying H. Gonzales.

Dec 17, 2014

Punk Music And Its History by Samantha Yule

Punk Music is not as fast as how pop genre grows, however it is controversially known as generally listened by crazy teenagers and liberated crowds who are hungry for change. Metallica and Fall Out Boy are just two of the bands that paved the way for liberation and loudness on terms of music today. Earlier bands such as the Sex Pistols and the Scientists were greatly known in the 70's when punk rock was born, following proto-punk genre in the late 1960's. Punk music [http://punkermentality.com/] kicked off when Ramones Band piloted the way in the said genre.
The usual themes of punk music are liberation, rebellion and victory. It started off bumpy when bands realize that the masses never really appreciated the roughness of the instrumentals and controversial lyrics of punk music. Punk bands in the United Kingdom failed to win the hearts of listeners in the beginning because of its delusions, depressions and harsh revelations reflected in its wordings. It was not until the 1990's when the UK song enthusiasts finally appreciated the music and made it a mainstream success.

The commencements of liberated songs were often debated between listeners of alternative rock and lovers of ballads. There have been varying different opinions about punk music. Some people state that they are garage tunes; this was when the band called Sonics played without defined musicals, no instrumental standards and lack of conventional music.
In the late 60's more and more bands appeared from nowhere and made their punk music debut, like the Stooges, MC5 and Velvet Underground. This time, lyrics and their image were made even more vulgar and controversial.
In the early 90's, punk music seemed have a revival. However, bands didn't quite have a great start unlike 3 decades back. In the history of punk music, Iggy Pop was deemed to be the godfather of the genre. The punk look is defined as leather jeans and jackets, darkened eyelids and long polished nails, like what punk artists of today portray.


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Dec 16, 2014


Seeking journalists with integrity to intern for The Wonder Himself Online Music Magazine to assist with the increased demand that has accompanied our recent expansion.


1. Joyce Manor - Never Hungover Again
This band is breathtakingly boring. What I mean is, they make me want to take my life by asphyxia. They belong to the progeny of bands whose stance is in staunch defiance of the status quo, as defenders of the weak, disenfranchised, and oft-overlooked members of the punk scene and the global community, but their sound is the auditory personification of the whiny white prick whose Ray-Ban glasses I'm going to smash. Assuming that the title references their collective forfeiture of their fruit-flavored, low-ABV malt beverage of choice, it is unfathomable that any sober ear may listen to these recordings with any sense of pride and self-assurance.

Like some old, out-of-touch blogger somewhere else on the internet said: "It’s the record that your sister’s favorite pop punk band might grow up to make." My sister liked Simple Plan. This sucks.